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"I tried Philly Power Yoga at the suggestion of my fiancée, she had always spoken of the benefits of yoga and I had always been interested but was wary of it being for 'girls only.' I joined up and have been attending yoga classes regularly. Power yoga offers something for everyone regardless of level or ability. I have felt my physical self become more flexible and stronger, doing things I didn't think I could do!"
Let our expert instructors take you to your edge and beyond with a unique sequence of flowing asana's (poses) linked together by breath. In a room heated to 90 degrees, this Power Yoga is guaranteed to increase strength, cardio-vasular endurance and flexibility. Bring a mat, towel and water, 'cause you're gonna sweat! Not sure if this yoga is right for you? We encourage you to come give us a try! All levels are welcome and our New or First Time student package gives you a whole month for only $40! Class times between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.





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Gold is certified to teach "Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga" and continuously studies his craft for advances techniques to share with his students and instructors. Philly Power Yoga has been teaching Gold's signature yoga for 10 years, and has recently opened the doors to a new expanded full-service facility with a variety of yoga and Pilates classes, as well as massage and acupuncture services.Power Yoga: Let our expert yoga instructors take you to your edge and beyond with a unique sequence of flowing asana's (yoga poses) linked together by breath. In a room heated to 90 degrees, this Power Yoga is guaranteed to increase strength, cardio-vasular endurance and flexibility. Bring a mat, towel and water, 'cause you're gonna sweat! Yoga class times are 60, 75 and 90 minutes long.
We offer a variety of classes for all skill levels including Power Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Cardio Kickboxing, Prenatal classes as well as customized Private Sessions. Instructors at PPYoga & Thrive will make you feel at home and motivate and challenge you to achieve your highest potential. Our studio spaces are filled with natural sun light from the large windows, beautiful wood floors and high ceilings.
Beginner‘s Yoga: This hour power yoga class will introduce Asana basics to you. Move through all of the frequently taught yoga poses, learn to deepen your breath and figure out what modifications are needed for your body in each yoga pose. Ater going through these beginner power yoga classes, we encourage every student to work in every class at their own pace. Philly Power Yoga is about overcoming  challenge, flow, personal achievement, self love and self care.  All are welcome to try!


Yoga Stretch & Restore: Gently move into yoga poses designed to help with flexibility without pushing ourselves over the limit. Each yoga pose is held for 3-5 minutes to get the fullest possible stretch as well as time to relax your mind and connect to your breath. You'll complement your Power Yoga practice or other type of athletic exercise by learning to slow down, stretch, and make the muscles soft and pliable in Yoga Stretch & Restore.


"For years, I had been looking for a yoga class that offers stretching only that could help restore my muscles and joints after the intense workouts that I do. This yoga stretch class has allowed me to do more and enjoy my training for marathons and cycling."  -Anonymous, November 2013



Years ago in what now seems to be in another life, Steve Gold, Yoga Master and owner of Philly Power Yoga, worked behind a desk as a successful sales and marketing executive. Although success and wealth came quickly for Gold, the career path proved to be unfulfilling. Gold quickly changed paths after his realization that the most important wealth is health and spent the next 17 years studying and practicing spiritual principles and lifestyle, including eight years with yoga guru Baron Baptiste.

Pre-Natal Fitness: Build strength and prepare your body for birth, baby, and postnatal recovery in 2 weekly classes that cover a range of disciplines from yoga, to Pilates, barre and resisted prop work.  Each week, you will flow as you grow and create strength and flexibility of your body and mind. In addition to pre-natal exercise, breathwork and meditation will also be incorporated. Please consult with your doctor before participating in any form of excercise or pre-natal if you are pregnant.

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Private Group Yoga Classes

A unique, fun and healthy way to bond with your friends or co-workers... Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional night out or team building exercise? Schedule a private group yoga class for you and your select group at an affordable & competitive rate!  We welcome business groups, athletic teams, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, birthday parties and more!


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Private Sessions:

Want to ease into full group yoga classes by spending 1 on 1 time with an instructor?  Visiting from out of town and interested in a personal, private yoga session?  We offer private yoga sessions for 60 to 75 minutes in our heated studio with our expert and compassionate instructors in the Power Yoga style.  Private yoga sessions are custom built around your needs, goals and body.


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