Pre & Post Natal Fitness

At Philly Power Yoga and Thrive, we know that as an expecting and new Mom, taking care of your body and mind is supremely important. Our pre and post natal services will safely keep your body strong, fit and healthy and help you to feel  relaxed and invigorated. 

Please check with your doctor before participating in any form of exercise if you are pregnant.

"Thrive has given me the strength, confidence and peace I have needed through my pregnancies and post-pregnancy periods...more importantly than looking good, I felt great! Hally helped me learn to listen to what my body was saying and what it needed at the various points in my pregnancy and we tailored my workouts to meet those needs."
- Amy, 2012







prenatal fitness sculpt 

This 1 hour class is appropriate for women at all stages of the pregnancy. We will focus on the extensive repertory of appropriate Pilates exercises for moms-to-be. This class will help you to maintain mobility, stretch key areas and maintain strength and tone throughout the body for pre-natal, labor and post-partum recovery.

Summer schedule: May 14th-August 27th
Sundays 1:30-2:30pm

Stretch and strengthen your body, relax your mind and connect with other moms-to-be in this 1 hour class that offers exercises that are appropriate for women at all stages of pregnancy. Prenatal Fitness Sculpt is a fusion of yoga and barre exercises, offering a yoga flow and short meditations as well as a more rigorous toning and sculpting portion of class.

We will utilize props such as the yoga blocks, the ballet barre, hand weights and supporting bolsters.  This class will help you to maintain mobility and strength while stretching and toning key areas throughout the body that are vital to your prenatal health, labor and postpartum recovery. For those who wish to keep their fitness routine through their pregnancy or those who want to develop a practice in this stage of life; we welcome all levels of practitioners. 

Classes are limited to 10 participants.  Please preregister for class. 

Prenatal class schedule not meshing with your schedule?  No worries!  We welcome our prenatal clients into our regular beginning Pilates classes as well as Barre classes at Thrive!  Email us for details, to set up a private session and for recommendations on regular class schedule attendance.



Private Prenatal Sessions 
At Thrive we provide services to nurture mothers-to-be with Prenatal class options. Our instructors have specialized training in this area to help pregnant women stay fit throughout their pregnancies. Benefits are many including a quicker return to fitness post-partum and maintaining strength and flexiblity during your pregnancy. Each and every session is tailored to your individual needs that day and includes work on the reformer, Tower system, wunda chair, mat and various props.


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