Thrive with me...

My journey in fitness and wellness is precisely that, a journey.  There’s no precise beginning or end, rather a continuum of highs, lows and middles too. If I did a true quantitative analysis, the days that I have felt well would probably far outnumber the days I felt unwell. However, the trials and tribulations are the experiences that stand out and the ones that have repelled me from doctor’s offices and hospitals and propelled me along my journey into wellness.  

For many years, I have been working on shifting my attention towards the highs and not letting the lows define me. This is a huge challenge for someone who doctors have diagnosed with a chronic disease, someone who is missing a major organ, who has flashbacks to teenage years spent in and out of the hospital, endured 3 major operations, numerous blood transfusions and scores of heavy duty medications.

However, it’s possible to make this shift and I’m doing it. Unless you saw the scar running up and down my abdomen you would never know about my health history. I do not let my history define me because in my present I feel great and  I’m confident that in the future I’ll feel even better. I’m confident in my wellness because I have taken my health in my own hands and said no to the diagnoses and prognoses and yes to fitness and wellness. I chose to not only survive, but to THRIVE.

Do you feel like you’re up against bad genes, poor past decisions (smokers, drinkers, over-eaters anyone?)? You can be a victim of these things or you can choose to use them as the impetus to become stronger and fitter. Rather than dwell on the past or the things you can’t change, focus on what you can do now in this moment to be healthier. 

You can start by taking a few long, deep breaths. Deep breathing is underrated and something I’ll talk about in a future post. It’s also free, easy and something you can do anywhere.  Start with that and then join me for my next post as we journey together towards optimal fitness and wellness. See you on the other sideJ