Perspective…It’s All Relative

I’ve come to learn that life is all about perspective. Two people can experience the same circumstances and have completely different responses. You see, when a person goes through a traumatic experience, she will carry this experience with her for the rest of her life. However, the way in which she carries this experience may vary. I’ll break it down into three types:

1. VICTIM: She is permanently scarred and never recovers. She becomes, depressed, deals with Post Traumatic Stress or some other mental or physical wound that never heals. This experience defines her and she cannot move on.

2. SURVIVOR. She is able to carry on-but buries her pain so deep that it rarely pops up or only comes up in ways that are unique and unrecognizable for actually dealing with her pain. Although she’s functional, she’s in a state of denial and can never realize her potential for happiness and success.

3. THRIVER. She takes the time and care necessary to allow her wounds to heal. She digs deep to uncover ways to not only survive, but to Thrive and prosper. Her experience does not define her; but rather it motivates her to learn and grow. It gives her a sense of appreciation for life so that she may look upon her experience with gratitude rather than regret.

The amazing thing about perspective is that you have the ability to change yours. Start small with everyday complaints. Feeling blue because it’s raining? Think of the amazing things the rain does for the trees and flowers. Read a book or get some extra rest. Complaining and self-pity are not productive. Try instead to figure out how you can turn your feelings and circumstances into something positive and productive. 

Life is full of ups and downs. Although we may wish for smooth sailing, it is the challenges that we surmount that build our character. When life throws you lemons, which of the 3 types will you be? I hope you are a THRIVER and that you learn to make some sweet Lemonade.



Wed, November 29, 2017
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